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Welcome to the NGU Yard Sale, part of the University and Alumni Yard Sale Website family, where we provide a safe, secure, and fun way to buy and sell! We have served the Bob Jones University family since 2002 and are looking forward to serving you and your needs for many years to come!

We’re happy to launch the all new version of the website which includes new features and benefits.

Look around and make yourself at home! You’ll be pleasantly surprised with all the treasures you just might find!

If you have any comments or questions please let us know.

The NGU Yard Sale is not affiliated with North Greenville University and is offered as a service to the students, faculty, and staff. You can only register for this site with your NGU.edu email. If you don’t have one, or don’t have access to it anymore, feel free to sign up at Alumni Yard Sale.

Happy hunting!